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  • Guide to Owning a Dog during Covid 19 - In a year like no other, dog owners must embrace the different challenges of keeping their dogs happy and healthy through training. This has been the most unusual time in our lives with the Covid-19 pandemic disrupting not only ur lives but our dogs lives as well [...] Keep Reading
  • The Attention Game - Getting your dogs attention when you call their name the first time takes practice and a game plan. Once they are focused on something it takes a real valuable word to get them to look at you. [...] Keep Reading
  • Door Dashing and other Impulse Control Behaviors - Asking your dog to go outside for a walk can create a frantic rush to the door in anticipation of the excitement just beyond its boarder. This can be a scary and dangerous situation if left untrained. Adding a few simple training rules will help you and your dog feel a little more in control. [...] Keep Reading
  • Stranger Danger - Have you even been in a conversation with someone and noticed they are in your personal space? While they are talking the only thing that you can think of is why are they so close to me? Imagine how your dog feels when a stranger walks up to them without warning and reaches towards their face. [...] Keep Reading
  • Will Work For Food - There are many choices when it comes to feeding your dogs. Enhancing their food with healthy options is easy to do and keeps them coming back for more. [...] Keep Reading

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