Building Better Trainers
Through Education

One Dog At A Time

Certified Canine Coaching In The Albany Area.

Canine Coach Mike provides easy-to-learn training methods that will boost both you and your dog’s confidence!

In-home training lets us work one-on-one with you and your dog in a familiar setting. All members of the household are encouraged to join. Learn More

Foundation classes are the first step to your dog’s best behavior. Group sessions are 1 hour long, and span over 6 week period.  Learn More

“Dogs really love to please their humans, and using positive training methods is the fastest way to get results!”

- Canine Coach Mike

Connect With Mike


    Michael Muscato, CPDT-KA​

    The Canine Coach

    With a love for dogs and a passion for coaching, Mike is dedicated to educating people about their dogs behavior.

    Mike was introduced to horses and dogs at a young age and soon knew these animals would become a rewarding part of his life. He was inspired to train dogs by Sherwood, his first Golden Retriever in 1990. Mike is determined to make a lasting impact with every dog and their owner, using positive training methods.

    For over 20 years Mike has been a player development director for athletes, and feels right at home sharing his knowledge to help dog owners become a better coach to their dog!

    Coaching & Training Services

    • Home Visits
    • Private Training
    • Basic Obedience
    • Rockstar House Manners
    • Leash Pulling
    • Puppy Basics
    • Crate Training
    • Behavior Evaluations
    • Recalls
    • Canine Good Citizen

    Foundation Training:

    • Introduction to essential behaviors for a well rounded companion; Sit, down, stay, come, leash walking, jumping and more!
    • Exposure to learning with built in distractions
    • Consistent practice that will transform your dog into a well mannered home companion

    In-Home Training:

    • Initial 15 minute phone consultation
    • Custom training plan around your goals; includes easy to understand methods to incorporate into your daily routine. 
    • Dedicated text/email access for any concerns
    • Schedule each session at your convenience and go at your own pace

    Reactive Rover:

    • Dogs that act negatively towards dogs and/or people
    • Learn how to help your dog make better choices in stressful situations
      safer walks
    • Improve behavior
      build your dogs confidence

    Mike's Training Tips

    Positive Reinforcement Works

    Positive reinforcement is about rewarding the good behaviors your dog makes while creating new alternative behaviors. 

    During training, when a dog performs the desired behavior, the behavior is marked with a verbal cue and then immediately reinforced with a treat or praise. 

    By letting the dog know exactly what you DO want, this increases the frequency of the dog repeating the desired behavior in the future.

    More training advice & tips are on the blog!